Course Description

Online abdominal workout from the comfort of your own home with views of the beach in Costa Rica! 15 Minute workout + bonus videos of each exercise.

Lead Facilitator

Jennifer Kavanagh

Jennifer Kavanagh is the owner and founder of Pura Vida Soul Institute Inc in Muskoka, Ontario. She developed this retreat center after years of working as a corporate trainer, experiencing burnout and watching many others get overworked and overstressed. Jennifer want to create a sanctuary for adults to escape from their busy lives and the restraints of participating in development in a work environment. Pura Vida was born to allow her clients to rediscover their heart's passion, reconnect with their soul, and explore their needs in a safe place.Jennifer is a registered yoga teacher, yoga therapy educator, past life regression coach, intuitive, and mother. She combines all of her healing modalities with a strongly grounded understanding of science, the human body and mind, and adult learning principles. Academically Jennifer has completed doctoral level studies in adult education and contemplative holistic practices, holds a Masters of Education, and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.When working with her clients, Jennifer emphasizes empathy, kindness, and gentle progress. There often are multiple ways to achieve the same goal and she believes it is important for her clients to find the path that works the best for them.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Full Workout

    • Ab Devotion (16 Minutes)

  • 2

    Individual Exercises

    • Bicycle

    • Bridge Hip Dips

    • Chatarunga Flow

    • Dynamic Down Dog

    • Lying Pulses

    • Mountain Climbers

    • Reclining Leg Saws

    • Side Leg Circles